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Purpose of the job

As Licensing Manager Europe you make sure that the company is selecting a construction site in Europe, based on minimal risks to all (indirectly and directly related) licensing costs and timing of all applicable licenses for its European Mo-99 Operations. Therefor you ensure that all needed information prior to starting any licensing procedure is available in a timely manner. Besides that you ensure a timely submission for an operating license application and a construction license application to the regional and national competent authorities, as well as any other applicable license applications to other regulatory. You manage all licensing correspondence to the right nuclear authorities and other regulatory agencies. Managing and informing all stakeholders on a regular basis. At a later stage, a process licensing engineer and a construction licensing engineer will be recruited to support the Licensing Manager. Process engineers will be recruited to support the Process leader. You work closely together with the Process Lead Europe and will report to the VP European Operations.

The ideal candidate

In order to successfully fulfil this role, you are above all a team player with excellent communication skills. You take responsibility and know how to represent the company towards various stakeholders. You are persistent in a positive way and dare to make decisions. In addition, you have the following knowledge and competencies:
  • Master’s degree in engineering, or any other discipline generally associated with applied sciences, like applied physics or applied chemistry is preferred.
  • A minimum of 5 years of licensing experience in the higher risk industry or equivalent.
  • Prior Experience in the development of license applications or design certification applications of competent authority is highly desirable.
  • Sufficient knowledge of nuclear codes and standards, rules and regulations (in depth understanding of relevant portions of nuclear laws related to uranium fission processes).
  • Must be fluent in reading, speaking and writing in English.
  • Ability to identify, understand and resolve issues, problems or opportunities; comparing data from different sources to draw conclusions by suing effective approaches for choosing/developing appropriate actions.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and work within a multidiscipline team.
  • Additional travel to support license application development, submittal and approval is required.
  • Willing to relocate on the long run, depending on the final location of the European Site.
  • In possession of a certificate of conduct and a valid Dutch Work permit.

Our offer

You can be part of this new European Site from scratch. In close consultation with your American colleagues and with a small but dedicated team you are going through this entire process from design phase to operational phase. A very interesting and international key position!

About our client

SHINE was founded in 2010 by Greg Piefer and is a development-stage company working to become the world’s leading producer of medical isotopes.

The isotope production facility that SHINE is building in Janesville, Wisconsin, will use a patented, proprietary manufacturing process to produce medical isotopes such as molybdenum-99 (moly-99), the essential component in medical imaging procedures used to diagnose heart disease and other conditions, and to stage cancer.

The SHINE technology offers major advantages over other production technologies because it does not require a nuclear reactor, uses less electricity, and generates less waste. Our technology produces moly-99 that is proven to be compatible with the existing global supply chain.

SHINE’s isotope production facility will be capable of producing up to one-third of the global patient need and will primarily serve the U.S. market. SHINE will build its second facility in West Europe. Work to identify a site for the European facility is underway. Therefor we now start with the first phase of recruitment for the team in Europe. In this first phase the team consists of a European Identification and final decision about the location of the site probably will be made in Q3 of 2020.
The first year the office is located in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.




Sanna Willebrands

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